5 Best Ihawan in Baliwag!

The City of Baliwag is known for its varieties of goods, places to hangouts, places that are rich in history and foods that you would want to eat for the rest of your life!
There’s a lot of place to visit and food to eat here in Baliwag and for all the Baliwagenyos who craves a lot when it comes to grilled meats or inihaw, we search the whole Baliwag to give you whose “inihaw haus” serves the best inihaw in town!

1. Ihawan sa Kanto!

“Kung yung iba nang iiwan, dito ikaw ay ipag-iihaw”

Most of the Baliwagenyos are fond of grilled meat, that’s why ihawan sa kanto is one of the place to be! They are known for their generous servings of inihaw that will surely full your empty stomach. They are located at J.M Basa St. Poblacion Baliwag, Bulacan. The current owner Mr. Arnold Mercado shared that they are in the industry of ihawan since 2000.

Ihawan sa Kanto is open from Monday to Saturday!

2. Ine Ihaw-ihaw!

“Di daw lahat ng Masarap, Mahal!”

Small but Terrible! Ine’s ihaw-ihaw is located at J.M Basa St. Sto. Cristo Baliwag, Bulacan. They rent a small space inside the eatery of Lucky’s Place a compound that allows small stalls to sell foods and rent beside their eatery. Though it seems small, it is very affordable and their quality of ihaw-ihaw is one of the Baliwagenyos fave! Because of their special ingredients that they put in their inihaw, they say that once you eat Ine’s ihaw ihaw the only name you’ll remember is “INE”. The proud owner Ms. Elizabeth Espiritu just started the business last January 2018 but people around Baliwag are already a fan of her ihawan.

Ine’s ihaw-ihaw is open from Monday to Saturday!

3. Ihaw-Ihaw sa Kanto!

“Sya lang naman ang nagsawa sayo, pero ikaw di ka magsasawa dito.”

One of the best inihaw in town is the ihaw-ihaw sa kanto that is known for their good service and mouth-watering inihaw na liempo! Their secret is not just their delicious inihaw but their good services and very friendly staffs. Their customers are loyal not just to their staffs but most specially to their inihaw. They are located at 273 J. Buizon St. Sto. Cristo, Baliwag, Bulacan. Mr. Francisco Chico is very proud to be the owner of the inihaw haus since 2010.

Ihaw-ihaw sa kanto is open from Monday to Saturday!

4. Dag’s Ihaw-Ihaw!

“Kung gano sya kabilis magpalit, ganito din sila kabilis magbaling ng inihaw!”

If you are looking for an inihaw haus where you wanted to cheat on your diet, Dag’s ihaw-ihaw is the best place for you. For a single serving of their famous inihaw you’ll be able to finish a minimum of 3 cups of rice. Not just because they serve a lot of inihaw but because of their combination of inihaw and sabaw is what the Baliwagenyo’s reason of coming back. They are also known to the students who wants to eat more but pay less. If you’re drooling right now, Dag’s ihaw ihaw is located at Cunanan St. Sto. Cristo, Baliwag, Bulacan. They started the ihaw-ihaw business since 2006 in the management of Ms. Maria Luisa S. Consimino.

Dag’s Ihaw-ihaw is open from Monday to Saturday!

5. Edsan’s Ihaw-Ihaw

“Andami nyang pagkukulang no? pero eto siguradong sobra pa”

Wants a cozy and nice place where you can enjoy your inihaw? Edsan’s ihaw-ihaw is the best place for you. One of the reason why Baliwagenyos love this place is because of their good service and a very nice place. The first thing that we are going to look when we are about to eat is the availability of seats, that’s why Edsan’s is one of the Best Ihawan! They have a lot of space for their customers and they also have a good ambiance because of the colors and designs. They are located at J.M Basa St. corner P. Angeles Concepcion, Baliwag. Bulacan. The owner of edsan’’s ihaw ihaw Mr. Ed Sangalang is in the business of ihaw-ihaw since 2002 and keeps on giving quality service to his customers.

Edsan’s Ihaw-ihaw is open from Monday to Saturday!

Where do you begin? How will you move forward? What should you do to forget him? If you don’t know the answers, you’re in the right place. This was just a glimpsed of some of the best here in Baliwag! That will make you forget the pain and enjoy the life.We will give you the best of the best of Baliwag Bulacan from what food to eat, where to go, and who to follow! Watch out for more “What’s in Baliwag”. Follow us at “Whats in Baliwag” on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the official account of Baliwag Tourism. If you have suggestions you can message us on our facebook page so we can feature it here in our blog.

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