FiVE things to Do During Summer in Baliwag

Summer is one of the happiest seasons of the year, especially for the kids and kids at heart. That’s why
we’ve listed FiVE different activities for you to do to have the best and most unforgettable summer here in

5. Drink smoothies and eat halo-halo

Who doesn’t want a refreshing beverage under the heat of the sun? Smoothies have different varieties of flavors that will surely freshen up your entire body! Enjoying fruit or vegetable smoothies is one of the best way to stay hydrated especially when you are sweating a lot! This is also a good alternative for a healthy breakfast if you are in a rush.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a summer treat is the all-time Filipino Favorite, Halo-halo. Every summer most of the streets in Baliwag have stalls that sell affordable yet delicious halo-halo. Price ranges from 10 pesos up to 70 pesos per cup depending on the size and fruits that you would like to put in your halo-halo. there are kaong, beans, banana, langka and monggo and if you want to make it more special, you can add leche flan, ube, pinipig and ice cream on top of it!

And if you are looking for one of the best halo-halo in town you can visit Grand Delights located at Brgy. Makinabang. They serve different kinds of halo-halo, from your typical halo-halo they will turn it into a grandelicious halo-halo!

4. Be Productive!

Since we have a lot of free time during summer, why not spend it by staying fit and healthy. There’s a lot of activities that we can do in Baliwag such as sports, swimming programs and summer workshops..

Starzone badminton court at tarcan Baliwag bulacan

BRC Bowling Center along DRT highway at NE Supermarket near La Familia.

Different kinds of summer workshops are also offered by the Baliwag Sports Development Office and Baliwag Tourism Development Office.

3. Instead of hayahay why not go hanap-buhay

For students, no classes means no baon (allowance). That’s why one of the best thing to do every summer is to find a summer job to have extra allowance during summer for your outing with friends. Since teens nowadays have different interests you can also choose a summer job that suits you. The Municipal Government of Baliwag offers different kinds of summer job such as researcher, encoder and many more. There are also a lot of fast food chains here in Baliwag that provides summer job, you can be a cashier, a crew or even help setting up their parties for children!

2. Hirit sa Tag-init

You’ll definitely say that “Summer has begun!” if you swim under the sun. The All-time favorite summer activity is swimming, either on beach or in resorts and for the Baliwagenyos who doesn’t have so much time to travel in different places to find a picture perfect summer getaway, good thing is that we have many resorts here in Baliwag that will give you an instagrammable summer! Here’s a list of resorts that you can visit:

The New J.E Resort!

They are located at 99 MABINI ST. SABANG BALIUAG, BULACAN.
For inquiries you can call them on. (044) 308 5347.

Hacienda Galea Resort and Events Place!


For inquiries you can call them on 0917-169-3848 or 0933-812-1437.

1. Stay-cation with your family

If you cannot afford to go outside or spend a lot while others are enjoying the heat of the sun, the beach and the sand, no worries because stay-cation with the family is one of the best thing to do during the summer. There’s a lot of indoor and outdoor activities that you can do to have a fun bonding time with your family.

You can play different kind of board games while sipping smoothies and eating halo-halo.
You can also buy an inflatable pool and have your own pool party in your house. The best part is that you spend quality time with the people close to you!

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